Patrick Dennis

Patrick Dennis
With over fifteen years’ experience in the IT industry, Patrick Dennis has dealt with almost every scenario out there. Upon receiving his first computer at the age of 10, Patrick began coding his own games. His love for technology continued through his adolescence, leading him to his first professional IT position as a Web Developer.

Pearce Owen and Patrick Dennis have joined SilverPoint Systems

Pearce Owen
In his role as Service Manager, Pearce ensures customer service and customer satisfaction stay at the forefront while delivering excellent technical support and guidance to SilverPoint’s clients. Pearce draws on 25 years in the IT industry with experience ranging from data center and infrastructure projects through systems administration, training, and technical support.

Print from iPad, no strings attached

When Apple released the first iPad, the business community knew, almost straight away, that it was the next step in the evolution of computing. Three versions later and the number of managers and business owners using their iPad for business purposes has done nothing but increase.