Processors! Assemble and roll out!

Computers are an important part of all businesses, it’s uncommon to come across a business that doesn’t have one. While many business owners are comfortable with their computer, they may not be comfortable with the parts inside the computer. One of the most important parts of your computer is the processor.

New malware infects via browser

As technology and programs become more sophisticated, so do the viruses and malware that affect them. Traditional malware is transmitted as a program that users have to download onto their system. A new malware program has been developed to transmit over Facebook, and instead of infecting a system, it infects a browser, making it nearly undetectable to virus scanners.

Minimize risk by backing up data

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - a plan on how to keep your business operational during any adverse conditions - is an important process that every small business should implement. One of the major aspects of this is where you should backup your business’s data.

External hard drives slow Macs down

A new Mac is like a dream come true for users. It’s fast and loaded with useful features to learn about. One useful feature is Time Machine, a backup program which requires users to have an external hard drive to store backups of the computer on. Many Mac owners use this feature, and often leave the hard drive connected.

Use VMware to View your desktop

Virtualisation of servers and desktops is a trend that’s being adopted by businesses of all sizes. One of the most popular types that companies employ is the virtualization of their desktop systems; placing the software and OS on the cloud, leading to a decreased need for powerful machines.

Top 3 Internet browsers for Android

Android is an operating system that’s well known for offering its users a wide variety of choice, and apps that suit the need of a range of users. The same goes for the Internet browser, you could go for the stock one, or any number of others. If you’re looking for another browser the available choices can be overwhelming.

SkyDrive reaches for the sky

Cloud storage services have become big business in the past few months. Most of the big players in the technical industry have some form of service for their users. One of the first major cloud services was SkyDrive by Microsoft, and there have been recent changes introduced that have solidified it as a considerable competitor.

Windows Phone Marketplace now 7.5 only

In late September of last year, Microsoft released the newest version of its smartphone OS, 7.5 codenamed Mango. Mango brought some great changes that made it more competitive with the larger mobile operating systems. One of the major changes was made to Marketplace, the portal users download apps and updates.