Tina Kube

We had been with our previous provider from 1999 until 2011, when we contacted Rob and spoke to him about the possible move to SilverPoint, as we had worked with him before. Like most companies we were concerned with timing, cost, and the level of customer service that we would receive, as they had been are largest problems with the previous provider. Rob was extremely patient and easy to work with. The deadlines and timelines he gave us, SilverPoint delivered on. We made our move over a long weekend, and were very pleased with how the new system performed, and the almost nonexistent hiccups we had during the migration process. Since the change our system performance has improved dramatically. We have been able to get our requests and updates completed in a timely manner. Everyone at SilverPoint has been helpful, and has made the transition practically seamless. I would recommend SilverPoint and its employees to anyone who is looking for a long-term quality solution for their IT needs.

Manager of Finance & Administration
Priority 1 Air Rescue Operations