Guide: Back up your virtualized data

Virtualization_Jan27_CThere are a wide variety of tech related trends that businesses are capitalizing on these days, one of the most popular is virtualization of data. We are seeing an increase in the number of businesses pursuing this solution and many often struggle with one main part of this – backing up virtualized data, which is a necessary process.

Cloud & virtualization

Virtualization_Dec02_CWhen listening to tech experts speak, or reading tech blogs, it’s not uncommon to see or hear mention of ‘the cloud’. This is normally followed closely by the word ‘virtualization;, which has led to many believing that the two terms are synonymous, when they are actually quite different.

5 things to virtualize

Virtualization_Oct16_CThere are many popular tech related terms floating around these days, with one of the more popular being virtualization. When companies virtualize they take existing systems and migrate or switch them to digital versions. Doing this can provide a small business with many benefits and many owners are looking into how to go about this, but are unsure as to what they can virtualize.

4 types of virtualization defined

Virtualization_July15_CThere are so many useful business tools these days, most of which revolve around tech. Devices like the computer and servers have enabled businesses of all sizes to compete. The problem with technology is that it is expensive to replace, especially for smaller businesses who potentially operate on already narrow margins.

7 common virtualization terms

Virtualization_June19_CAs technology becomes ever more efficient and commonplace in the work environment, companies often look to upgrade existing systems which can be costly. In order to save costs, some businesses have been looking into virtualizing their technology. This complex idea could be beneficial for your company, but there are a number of terms used by professionals that may be confusing.

Better server virtualization – 5 tips!

Technology advances so quickly that systems bought five years ago are now pretty much obsolete. If you want to upgrade these older systems you will likely have to upgrade everything. This can be expensive, so many businesses turn to virtualization for cost savings and to extend the lives of their systems.

5 questions to ask your cloud provider

Many tech trends come and go over the years and are continuously evolving. What was bleeding edge five to 10 years ago is now commonplace. such as cloud technology. Companies have found that cloud services have realizable benefits and are beginning to migrate existing systems in higher numbers.