About iPad’s Office apps

About iPad’s Office apps

To many business owners and managers the iPad has become an indispensable tool. It is a really useful mobile device that allows users to stay connected with the office, and maintain productivity while they are away from their desks. One problem though is that there has never been an easy way to work on Office documents.

7 essential tricks for the iPad Air

iPad_Jan27_CThe iPad is often touted as being one of the most easy to use devices. Watch someone who has never held or used a tablet before pick one up and they will instinctively know what to do with it. With the release of the iPad Air, many users who have previously been holding back from purchasing a tablet have taken the plunge.

Changing email accounts on Messages

iPad_Jan02_CApple’s iPad is arguably the most popular tablet, favored by both business and individual users alike. Apps like Messenger allow users to send free text messages to other iOS users, thus making communication easier. Because most people who own an iPad have more than one email account – e.g., work and personal – you need to ensure that you are sending emails from the correct address, and receiving them to the right address too.

6 tips to get Wi-Fi working on iPad

iPad_Dec02_CThe Apple iPad is among the most popular tech devices for business and personal users alike. Many users prefer the iPad because of the fact that it is rugged and easy to use, while also having apps for virtually everything. Like all tech however, there will come a time when you may run into problems and your device doesn’t work properly.

A breath of fresh iPad Air?

iPad_Nov05_CWhen Apple released their new operating system iOS 7, many people anticipated the arrival of a new range of products. In just a little over a month, we are not disappointed to hear the news that Apple has produced new iPads. Apple’s latest press release revealed the new iPad mini with Retina display and its bigger, thinner and lighter sibling, the iPad Air.

Increasing battery life with iOS7

iPad_Oct07_CIn September Apple launched their new version of the popular mobile operating system iOS. Some big changes were introduced with iOS 7 that not only changed the OS looks but the way we interact with it. Now that it has been out for a few weeks, there are reports from some users that their iPad or iPhone has seen a decrease in battery life.

Enable Safari's Bookmarks Bar

iPad_Sep09_CMost Apple’s iPad users spend a considerable amount of time online and is surfing the Internet. To do this they mainly rely on Safari, Apple’s Internet browser which is included on all Apple devices. While Safari is a perfectly fine browser, at first glance it seems to be missing a Bookmarks Bar.