7 Tips to successful blogging!

BusinessValue_Mar03_CBusiness owners and managers are often looking for ways to connect with their customers, drive value and build brands. The difficulty is that there’s no easy solution to achieve this. Many business have a website and social media profile but find these are often not enough to drive relationships and business forward.

Important tech trends in 2014

BusinessValue_Jan07_CEach year there are a number of popular tech related trends that come and go, and some business owners often struggle to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not. 2013 saw a number of important tech developments and changes, such as the continued rise of social media and the increased use of mobile devices.

5 ways to get around spam filters

BusinessValue_Dec09_CEmail is without a doubt one of the most important communication tools for businesses. Many companies even use email to conduct marketing, sending out newsletters and other collateral, such as email blasts, to their existing and potential customers. While this form of marketing can be really effective, there is always the chance that your emails will be blocked by spam filters.

5 useful email marketing tips

BusinessValue_Oct16_COne of the more integral business functions is marketing. Without it many companies would be missing out on sales revenue. With the increased adoption of the Internet, many companies have turned to digital marketing solutions like email marketing. The only problem is, while email marketing can be effective, it can be challenging to make it successful.

4 steps to securing IP

BusinessValue_Sep16_CA common issue many businesses face is keeping their important files, ideas, products and information secure from prying eyes. Many small businesses would like to ensure that their intellectual property is secure, but have only a vague idea as to how to go about doing so, or about who actually owns what.

4 tips for better customer service

BusinessValue_Aug19_CA common reason many customers stick with a company and provide them their business is that the company offers great customer service. It’s widely known that companies with poor customer service likely won’t stay in business for long, so it is imperative that your company offers only the best service available.